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COMPANY INFORMATION is owned and operated by CogniCheck, Inc., which was founded and incorporated in July 2001 in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Since the inception of the company's innovative website and scientifically evaluated Computer Reliant Evaluative and Web Screening (i.e., CREWS) Tests of Neuropsychological Functioning, has rapidly established its reputation as the premier online memory screening site.

The primary mission of CogniCheck, Inc. and is to provide middle-aged and older adults who are concerned about, or interested in, their memory processes with a convenient and readily accessible means to screen aspects of their short-term memory in the privacy and comfort of their homes or offices.

CogniCheck, Inc. and are comprised of a highly qualified and experienced team of professionals with expertise in the neuropsychological assessment and screening of individuals' memory/cognitive processes and information technology and website design. For a review of the credentials of key personnel, please see the "Professional Credentials" page.

If you would like to contact us for any reason, please click on the respective icon above.