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PRIVACY POLICY is a service of CogniCheck, Inc., a Virginia corporation ( and CogniCheck, Inc. are collectively referred to herein as "CogniCheck"). This Privacy Policy ("Privacy Policy") will tell you what information CogniCheck collects about you and about your use of CogniCheck's Web Site. By using the site, you agree to the terms of this Privacy Policy.


A. Information Collected by CogniCheck:

1. In General: CogniCheck is the sole owner of the information collected on CogniCheck collects information from our users at several different points on our Web Site. Personally Identifiable Information (PII or Personal Information) is information that can be used to identify or contact you. When you visit our Web Site, CogniCheck collects only the Personal Information you provide to us. We collect the Personal Information that you provide to us in two general and distinct ways: (1) when you register for a memory screening, purchase a memory screening report, and/or when you update your profile; and (2) when you choose to use various CogniCheck Interactive Tools and Services or participate in surveys or send e-mails to CogniCheck. We also collect non-personal information from you and about your use of our Web Site and web sites of selected sponsors and advertisers. For example, CogniCheck may use "cookies" or "web beacons" to collect non-personal information about your use of our site and/or selected sponsors' sites. CogniCheck does not store any Personal Information in any cookies on your computer. CogniCheck does not use web beacons to collect any Personal Information from or about you or to track your activities across web sites generally. All of these are described in more detail below.

2. Registration and Member Profile: You may access our Web Site without registering or submitting any Personal Information. In that case, the only information CogniCheck collects will be non-personal information collected through the use of cookies or web beacons. However, in order to have access to certain services and content available on CogniCheck's site (e.g., memory screenings), you are required to complete a User Registration form and a Payment Information form. CogniCheck uses the Personal Information that you provide through registration and payment information to respond to questions from you and to process payments. The information CogniCheck may collect in the User Registration form and Payment Information form is set forth below.

User Registration
  • User Name
  • Password
  • E-mail Address
  • Zip Code
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Date of Birth
  • Years of Education
Payment Information
  • Name (as it appears on credit card)
  • Mailing address
  • Type of credit card (e.g., Visa, MasterCard, etc.)
  • Credit card number
  • Credit card expiration date
3. Interactive Tools: We also collect other information, some of which may be Personal Information that you voluntarily provide to us when you choose to use some of the CogniCheck Interactive Tools and Services, such as memory screenings.

4. Cookies: CogniCheck collects anonymous, non-personal information about your use of CogniCheck's site. For example, through the use of "cookies," CogniCheck collects non-personal information about your use of its site and your use of the sites of selected sponsors and advertisers. Cookies are small computer files that CogniCheck transfers to your computer's hard drive that allows CogniCheck to know the activities conducted while on the site. The cookies used by Cognicheck are known as "session cookies." "Session Cookies" last only as long as your web browser stays running on your computer. As soon as you exit your browser, all information stored in a session cookie is discarded.

Your browser software can be set to reject all cookies, including session cookies. Most browsers offer instructions on how to reset the browser to reject cookies in the "Help" section of the toolbar. However, if you reject our session cookie, you will not be able to utilize the testing functions of the Cognicheck site because such cookies are necessary for the proper operation of the testing function.

While it may be possible to link non-personal cookie information to Personal Information collected in other ways, CogniCheck will not, without your consent, link the cookie information it collects to Personal Information you provide to CogniCheck on its site.

5. Web Beacons: CogniCheck also may use "Web Beacons" to collect anonymous, non-personal information about your use of CogniCheck's web site and the sites of selected sponsors and advertisers. Web beacons are tiny graphic image files imbedded in a web page or e-mail that provide a presence on the web page or e-mail and send back to its home server information from the users' browsers. The information collected by web beacons allows CogniCheck to monitor how many people are using its site and selected sponsors' and advertisers' sites, and for what purposes. CogniCheck web beacons are not used to track your activity across web sites generally. While it may be possible to link non-personal web beacon information to Personal Information collected in other ways, CogniCheck will not, without your consent, link the web beacon information it collects to Personal Information you provide to CogniCheck on its site.

B. Information Collected by Third Parties Not Acting on CogniCheck's Behalf:

Sponsors, partners or advertisers on the CogniCheck site may also use their own cookies or web beacons when you click on their advertisement or link to their site or service, or even if the advertisement simply appears on a page or in an e-mail that you are viewing. Some advertisers use companies other than CogniCheck to serve their ads and to monitor users' responses to ads, and these companies ("Ad Servers") may also collect non-personal information through the use of cookies or web beacons on our Web Site. In certain situations, information collection may be facilitated by momentarily directing your browser to the site of an Ad Server or other third party acting on behalf of the sponsor, partner, or advertiser before re-directing your browser to its proper destination (e.g., back to CogniCheck to show the ad, or to the advertiser's Web site); this re-direction process will not be apparent to you.

We do not control these third parties' use of cookies or web beacons, or how they manage the non-personal information they gather through them. You should review the privacy policy of other sites you visit or link to from our site to understand how these other sites use cookies and how they use the information they collect through the use of cookies or web beacons on their own sites. Certain Ad Servers allow you to prevent them from collecting data through the use of cookies. In order to do so, you must opt-out of such data collection with each individual site. Currently, you can opt-out of cookies for several Ad Servers by visiting the Network Advertising Initiative gateway opt-out site. This site will also allow you to review the Ad Server's privacy policies.

C. Children:

CogniCheck is committed to protecting the privacy of children. This Web Site is not designed or intended to attract children under the age of 18, and CogniCheck does not collect Personal Information from any person it knows is under the age of 18.

D. Correspondence to CogniCheck:

This Privacy Policy does not protect you when you send business information, ideas, concepts, inventions or any other correspondence to CogniCheck. We try to answer correspondence in a timely manner, but are not always able to do so.


Except as set forth in this Article or as specifically agreed to by you, CogniCheck will not disclose any Personal Information it gathers from you on our Web Site. We may release Personal Information to third parties: (1) to comply with valid legal requirements such as a law, regulation, search warrant, subpoena or court order; or (2) in special cases, such as a physical threat to you or others.

A. Disclosure to CogniCheck Subsidiaries and/or Affiliates:

CogniCheck may disclose Personal Information to its corporate subsidiaries and/or affiliates. Any Personal Information provided to subsidiaries and/or affiliates of CogniCheck will be treated by those subsidiaries and/or affiliates in accordance with the terms of this Privacy Policy.

B. Disclosure to CogniCheck Operations and Maintenance Contractors:

CogniCheck operations and maintenance contractors sometimes have limited access to your Personal Information in the course of providing products or services to CogniCheck. These contractors include vendors and suppliers that provide us with technology, services, and/or content related to better operation and maintenance of our Web Site. These contractors also may have access to your e-mail address to send newsletters or special promotions to you on our behalf or to send e-mails to you for purposes such as conducting market research on our behalf. Access to your Personal Information by these contractors is limited to the information reasonably necessary in order for the contractor to perform its limited function for CogniCheck.

C. Disclosure to Linked Sites:

In addition to the Third Party Contractor web sites that you may access as described above, for your convenience there may be links to web sites operated by companies other than CogniCheck ("Third Party Web Sites") that are not contractors who provide content or services through our Web Site. These links may be found in advertisements, referenced within content, or placed beside the names or logos of sponsors. CogniCheck does not disclose your Personal Information to these Third Party Web Sites without obtaining your consent. CogniCheck does not endorse and is not responsible for the privacy practices of these sites. If you choose to link to one of these Third Party Web Sites, you should review the privacy policy posted on this other site to understand how that Third Party Web Site collects and uses your Personal Information.

D. Disclosure of Aggregate Information:

CogniCheck may provide to third parties non-personal information about you that does not allow you to be identified or contacted and that is combined with the non-personal information of other users ("Aggregate Information"). For example, CogniCheck might inform third parties regarding the number of users of our site and the activities they conduct while on our site. CogniCheck may or may not charge third parties for this Aggregate Information. CogniCheck may or may not limit the third parties' use of the Aggregate Information.

E. Use of Information for Scientific, Research and/or Educational Purposes:

CogniCheck may use the information collected on its Web Site for scientific, research and/or educational purposes. In the event CogniCheck uses the information for any such purposes, all identifying information will be deleted.


This privacy statement applies only to the CogniCheck Web Site. The CogniCheck site may contain links to other sites. Once you enter another web site (whether through an advertisement, service, or content link), be aware that CogniCheck is not responsible for the privacy practices of such other sites. We encourage you to look for and review the privacy statements of each and every web site that you visit through a link or advertisement on CogniCheck's site or any site that collects Personal Information from you.


You can always contact us in order to inquire about the Personal Information that you have provided to us, and to change your preferences with respect to marketing contacts or other activities, by e-mailing us at Such changes will not have any effect on other information that CogniCheck maintains. If you have a complaint or problem you may e-mail us at We try to answer e-mails in a timely manner but are not always able to do so. If you do not receive adequate resolution of a privacy-related problem, you may write to CogniCheck at:

CogniCheck, Inc.
P.O. Box 11901
Lynchburg, Virginia 24506

You should be aware that it is not technologically possible to remove each and every record of the information you have provided to CogniCheck from our servers. The need to back-up our systems to protect information from inadvertent loss means that a copy of your Personal Information may exist in a non-erasable form that will be difficult or impossible for us to locate. In addition, CogniCheck may be required by law or professional rules to maintain certain records for a certain period of time.

From time to time, CogniCheck may make changes to its Privacy Policy affecting the use of the Personal Information it collects. Each time you visit this Web Site, you should check this posted Privacy Policy for any changes. If you do not agree to the terms of this Privacy Policy or any revised policy, please exit the site immediately.