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Upon completion of the Online Memory Screening tests and payment transaction, an individualized report that provides an interpretative summary of your memory screening results will be generated and made available to you. The first page of such a report that illustrates sample screening results is provided below. online memory screenings


TESTED: 07-15-2004
AGE: 65

The following are the results of your Online Memory Screening that involved your completion of a series of standardized memory screening tests known collectively as the Computer Reliant Evaluative and Web Screening Tests of Neuropsychological Functioning. These tests were designed to screen aspects of your immediate and delayed (30 minutes) verbal and visual memory processes.

Your memory screening test performances have been compared to those obtained by a similar-aged reference sample of cognitively intact individuals who participated in the standardization/normative study. The table below provides your memory screening results in terms of the percentage of the reference sample that obtained raw scores equal to or lower than yours (i.e., percentiles {%}). Your performances have also been interpreted into descriptive categories. Please see the "About Your Results" section that follows your memory screening results, as well as the website's "Psychometric Properties" and "Frequently Asked Questions" pages for additional information about your memory screening performances.


Screening Measure Raw Score Percentile (%) Descriptive Category
CREWS Test of Verbal Learning
Immediate Verbal Recall (trials 1 - 5)
37 28 Low Average
Short-delay (~2 to 3 min.) Verbal Recall
6 21 Low Average
Delayed (30 min.) Verbal Recall*
2 3 Significantly Impaired
Delayed (30 min.) Verbal Recognition*
27 8 Moderately Impaired
CREWS Test of Facial Memory
Immediate Recognition of Faces
39 41 Average
Delayed (30 min.) Recognition of Faces*
30 3 Moderately Impaired
CREWS Test of Digit Recall
Immediate Recall of Number Series
(total of Forward + Reverse digit series)
12 13 Mildly Impaired

Note: * Delayed memory test portions included only in the "full" (versus "short") Online Memory Screenings.